Keymat Industrie To Charge $130,000 For The YALOS, A Diamond Crusted LCD

yalos diamond TV

By David Ponce

The most efficient way to artificially jack up the price of any given piece of consumer electronics, without actually adding any useful features, is to simply bling the living daylights out of it. There’s no shortage of such items, like this creation by Peter Aloisson. And now you can add the YALOS Diamond LCD screen by Italian company Keymat Industrie, a tacky looking piece of electronics, with the dubious distinction of being covered in 160 diamonds, totalling 20 carats or 4 grams. There’s also some white gold plating, which unfortunately does nothing to make it look any better. Yet, the company feels confident that this is enough to justify a $130,000 price tag.

As the success of many of these products shows, the world is not about to run out of people with more money than sense… or taste.

[Press Release] VIA [Engadget]

13 thoughts on “Keymat Industrie To Charge $130,000 For The YALOS, A Diamond Crusted LCD”

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  2. I don’t think it’s tacky. It’s all about the bling these days with the “look how much more dough I have than you” attitude. Get with the times man.

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  4. I think its ridiculous. There are so many other things that require huge amounts of money, such as cures for cancer and feeding hungry children. And these people spend thousands and the people who buy them just cant think of anything else to spend their money on. I think it is a waste.

  5. Part of me believes that this is ridiculous but another part of me says’ “hey I want that.’ its stupid to waste money but its also one of the coolest things i have ever seen.

  6. Hey Mona- your right about one thing. Today is all about” look how much more money I have than you” but thinking that that should be acceptable & part of the “times” is not only stupid, it’s wrong. That whole concept if being perpetrated by all the rappers who lived poor lives & now find themselves in the money & feel the need to shove it in all our faces on a consistant basis.That doesn’t make them right, just stupid.But i bet if i watch an episode of MTV Cribs, sure enough, some jackass will have one of these babies & be touting how cool they are.what a waste!

  7. Bling is for nigga’s and nigga’s are just ignorant black (and sometimes white) people. I hate them all. It’s not cool, it’s garish, tasteless, gaudy, showy, and kitschy. (Do you need more adjectives?) It’s all those things that the nigga’s hated about ‘rich white folk’ 20 years ago. Now they have become what they hated most. Put that aroud your neck with a Mr. T chain, drive it home in your getto Escalade with the dumbass looking spinners, and hang your grill on it…. F*ckin dipsh*ts….

  8. I think this TV screen is fucking gay who ever made this fucking tv screen is a fucking douche bag what the fuck is the point of 120 20 carat diamonds in a tv screen for fucks sakes you could have like 120 fucking rings or something jesus fuck what the fuck where you thinking you crazy mother fuckers.

    ps. love butterz.

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