Keyboard With Trackpad Is Perfect For Your HTPC

Wireless Keyboard with trackpad

By Luke Anderson

I can honestly say that I’ve never really considered tossing away my mouse in favor of a touchpad. Rather, I carry a travel mouse in my laptop bag in order to cut down on the amount of time I’m forced to navigate using my finger. However, there are situations that not having a mouse can be rather beneficial. The most common use is an HTPC in your living room. No one wants to mess with a mouse when they’re sitting on the couch.

If you’re looking for a good way to get the best-of-both-worlds, this wireless keyboard is probably one of the best designs out there. It’s quite simple, and looks rather like the bottom half of a laptop. The keys look as though they’d be decent for moderate amounts of typing, but then again you probably won’t be composing letters on your big-screen TV. Unfortunately there is no word on pricing or availability.

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2 thoughts on “Keyboard With Trackpad Is Perfect For Your HTPC”

  1. I just bought a very similar rf kbd/trackpad for my HTPC–it’s an Adesso, WKB-4000US. Pricing is under $100. I’m typing this from my arm chair, looking at my LCD TV that’s just a giant HDMI monitor for my PC. Works really well.

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