Kenwood’s Cooking Chef Mixer Takes The Stove Out Of The Equation

Kenwood KM070 Cooking Chef (Image courtesy Kenwood)
By Andrew Liszewski

The only thing that stops me from cooking more is sheer laziness, but this new contraption from Kenwood doesn’t give me much of an excuse any more. It looks like your standard mixer, with a large 6.7L bowl capacity and 8 mixing speeds, but it also features an 1100W induction heating system that allows you to cook food directly in the mixing bowl.

Temperatures can be set between 20°C to 140°C for warming or actual cooking, and there’s even a steam basket attachment allowing you to prepare an entire meal without ever turning on the stove. The only downside is that once again convenience doesn’t come cheap, so you can expect to pay around $1,600+ for the Cooking Chef.

[ Kenwood KM070 Cooking Chef ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

16 thoughts on “Kenwood’s Cooking Chef Mixer Takes The Stove Out Of The Equation”

  1. I love gadgets. And I especially love kitchen gadgets. And this is one for my “Super-Expensive-Slightly-Impractical-Gadgets-I-Will-Never-Own” list.

  2. This is actually quite perfect for making high end, very delicate desserts, like making your own caramel or heating milk without scorching or making your own chocolate. I actually had the same idea for this many months ago. I'm glad this is out, though the price is a bit, and the design needs adjusting. But a brilliant idea, just not worth the price for the moment, but it will come down eventually.

  3. bbb2 you gave me a real good LOL when i read your comment thats its in celius.

    U do know that 140C = 284F So Pcdt3 is right its still under 300F

    now on the flip note. to boil something is 212°F 100°C give or take a little due to what your altitude is

    So im unsure why he needs to cook at 300F or over on the stove. Oven yes i see that. but stove.. hummm.. since most things are under boiling, or bring to a boil.

    So i think this would work geat for making things like fudge and stuff.

  4. I see a lot of people that are gosh wanabee cooks i guess.
    I see people say this is worthless only good as a gravy warmer.

    Humm. 212°F 100°C is boiling temp give or take a few degrees due to altitude.
    So you could boil stuff in it, and keep it from sticking by useing this.

    So for things you have to bring to a boil stirring takes a long time. this could do the stirring for you.
    salsa for canning, 1 hour boil time and that means you are over the stove 1 hour stirring . with this you could have it do the stirring for you.

    same with fudge, Fudge you have to bring to a boil up to about 6 to 10 mins depending on what kind you are making. so now you can have this do the stirring as you get the other stuff ready.

    and if you have to simmer something for hours it would be nice to have this do the stirring for you so you dont have to keep running back to it every so many mins, now you just wait for the timer to go Ding and its done.

    I like the idea. I dont like price tag its to high.

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