Kensington’s Switchblade-Like Travel Plug Adapter

Kensington Travel Plug Adapter (Image courtesy Kensington)
By Andrew Liszewski

The only thing worse than forgetting a power adapter when traveling is not having the right one when you’re in a foreign country. But instead of carrying a bag of assorted adapters which brings us back to the problem of losing them, or trying to make your own with a wire clothes hangar (it would’ve worked eventually) this travel adapter from Kensington combines a collection of different plugs into a single, compact unit.

Like a switchblade, you can slide out the plug you need and use it to power everything from a cellphone to a laptop in more than 150 different countries. It’s suitable for most electronics you might travel with (2.5A; 110V – max 275W; 220V – max 550W) but is not recommended for high-watt devices like hair dryers and irons. Thankfully most hotel rooms already include both those items.

You can buy it directly from Kensington for just $19.99.

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