Keep Your MacBook Safe With A Rhino Skin Aluminum Case

Rhino Skin

By Luke Anderson

I’m hard on my gadgets, not because I find myself scaling mountains or trekking through the rain forest with them, but rather because I’m just plain clumsy. There are few devices that I’ve been able to carry around worry-free, one of which was a Panasonic Toughbook. Now that’s a notebook that can take a beating. Others such as an Apple MacBook aren’t going to hold up so well to being smashed, hit and dropped. That’s why, if you’re as clumsy as I am, you might want to look at a Rhino Skin Aluminum Case for your MacBook.

There’s really not much to these cases, they’re designed to fit your MacBook quite snuggly, so there’s not any room for your accessories, (or your power cord for that matter) so you’ll need to cram everything into the small pouch along the shoulder strap. I do enjoy the simplistic design and the fact that you can use your notebook without even taking it out of the case. The Rhino Skin case will set you back $129 to $149 depending on which MacBook you have.

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