Kapsule Lightstand Makes Your Kindle Better

Kapsule Lightstand Makes Your Kindle Better

By David Ponce

e-Readers are booming in popularity and they now come in all manners of shapes, sizes and feature-sets. But the granddaddy of them all, the Kindle, does not include any form of backlighting, so if you want to read in the dark, you need a light. Today’s project, the Kapsule Lightstand, is made specifically for the Kindle Keyboard and adds a bunch of functionality. First off, one retractable and adjustable gooseneck serves as an LED; pull it out and it lights, push it back in to turn it off. Another retractable gooseneck at the bottom of the accessory serves as a kickstand, so you can prop your reader up for hands-free enjoyment. And finally, the shape of the Kapsule itself serves as an added hand grip.

Currently on Kickstarter, you can get yours starting at $40 with estimated delivery in February 2012, if the project is fully funded.

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