Kandenchi Battery Mouse (Image courtesy Elecom)

Kandenchi Battery Mouse

Kandenchi Battery Mouse (Image courtesy Elecom)
By Andrew Liszewski

Elecom continues their partnership with Japanese design studio nendo, this time bringing the world a compact wireless mouse that looks like it was made from a discarded D-cell battery. The unique design certainly makes it compact and easy to travel with, but at first glance the ergonomics look like they’d take a little while to get used to. (Given most of us are used to mousing with our hands laid flat.) The Kandenchi has 3 buttons in total, with the bottom one on the side doubling as a scroll wheel. And an included tiny wireless USB receiver can be stashed inside the mouse when not in use. “Shipping Soon” with a TBD price point.

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  1. It might be true that it would take some getting used to for most folks, but this sort of mouse might be really helpful as a piece of adaptive equipment for people with various disabilities… folks who might have things like arthritis (who can’t lay their hand flat) or cerebral palsy (whose hand function might work better when curled)… things like that. Might be a good market for this company.

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