Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack

Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack

Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack (Image courtesy Amazon)By Andrew Liszewski

Even the makers of spice racks have now realized there’s an untapped demographic of gadget-lovers that will probably buy anything, as long as it has a built-in LCD display. The Kamenstein SmartSpice Rack is a countertop unit that can hold 16 different spices (you mean there’s more than just salt and pepper?) and also serves as a digital recipe guide and cooking timer.

The SmartSpice’s database has over 200 different recipes that can be sorted by spice, herb or food-type, and you can even remove the ‘cookbook’ module and take it with you to the grocery store. I have to say the 2-line LCD display would probably be a bit cramped when viewing more complicated recipes, but I’m sure it works just fine as a cooking timer. While the SmartSpice Rack doesn’t include the 2 AAA batteries it needs, it does include 16 bottles of ‘premium’ spices.

You can find it on Amazon for $64.95. (That’s 5 cents below the list price!)

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