K2 Porcupine Flashlight Can Blind In Different Ways

K2 Porcupine Light (Images courtesy PentagonLight)
By Andrew Liszewski

If the 70 lumens produced by the K2 Porcupine’s Xenon bulb don’t blind an opponent or attacker, you can always fall back on its sharpened spikes to get the job done. Unlike those multiple D-cell Mag-Lite flashlights that require you to bludgeon someone into submission, the Porcupine takes a cue from the actual animal when it comes to self-defense. Thankfully those spikes are protected by a retractable shield so that you can carry the flashlight in your pocket or bag without having to worry about losing a finger when you reach for it.

The K2 Porcupine is available from PentagonLight for $129, but keep in mind it uses CR-123A batteries which aren’t particularly common and they’ll only power it for about 60 minutes.

[ K2 Porcupine Light ] VIA [ Wired Gadget Lab ]

4 thoughts on “K2 Porcupine Flashlight Can Blind In Different Ways”

  1. One thing to remember – Surefire sells flashlights that use LEDS, yet hit 80-100 lumens and get as much as 10 hours out of those 123a batteries. I just bought one, so I’m all geeked out on it.

  2. Surefire is a bad deal. I have a LED light made by PentagonLight. It’s far better. This spike thing is awesome. First time I’ve seen any light maker so innovative.

  3. I am certainly not going to get in a fight over flashlights on the internet – as I’ve decided to avoid the ulcers, but I’ll personally take the 10 hours of 80 lumen light from my G2 over the 90 minutes of 85 lumen light from a Pendragon L2. That’s more important form e personally. 🙂

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