JVC’s NX-BX3 iPhone Dock Is Surrounded By Furniture

By David Ponce

The market for iPhone docks is crowded, to say the least. Most of the ones we’ve come across simply show endless permutations of various features, but very few do anything other than being a dock. Well, if it’s going to be in the house, shouldn’t it be able to do more? Take JVC’s NX-BX3 for instance. It doubles as a little table. It’s got all the usual dock-y things, like SRS StudioSound HD and an FM tuner, but it can also be used to do a variety of other things like: putting a vase on it, putting a glass of milk on it, tossing your keys when you come home from work. The sky’s the limit, really.

We don’t know how much it’ll cost, but it will be available in Japan later this month.

[ Product Page (Translated) ] VIA [ Engadget ]