JVC’s Everio GZ-MG505


By David Ponce

Far as camcorders are concerned, the name of the game is “Tapeless”. Until a couple years ago however, that meant either tiny DVDs that barely fit anything on them, or flash based VGA Xacti types that fit even less stuff.

And then there’s JVC’s Everio line that features HDD based camcorder of all tyPes, like the recently announced 3CCD G Series GZ-MG505. It sports a beefy 30GB drive, for up to 10 hours of DVD quality footage. It even comes with native 16:9 recording (1173 x 660 x3 effective pixels) and 5MP stills, while incorporating the patented Megabrid Imaging Engine that separately processes video and still signal for optimal performance.

Of course, HDD-based recording goodness will ding your wallet something fierce. In this case, you’ll bleed $1,300 before you own one, and you have to wait until July.

[Product Page (Japanese)] VIA [MobileWhack] VIA [TechEBlog]