JVC SP-AW303 Splash Proof Speaker Keeps Your Audio Player Dry With Plastic Wrap?

JVC SP-AW303 (Images courtesy AudioCubes.com)
By Andrew Liszewski

Ok, so maybe it’s not the same kind of plastic wrap you use in the kitchen, but the SP-AW303 from JVC does appear to use some kind of highly flexible plastic faceplate that not only keeps your MP3 player safe from splashes, but also allows you to safely push all of its buttons, even if your hands are wet. The SP-AW303 itself is just as waterproof, and features a set of 28mm stereo speakers that will run for about 6 1/2 hours with the included batteries. There’s even a remote that can supposedly be used to control your MP3 player, but I imagine the functionality depends on which player you’re actually using.

The JVC SP-AW303 Splash Proof Portable Speaker is available from AudioCubes.com in your choice of white, blue or pink for $79.99.

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