JVC UX-VJ5 (Image courtesy JVC)

JVC Doubles Up On The iDevices With Their New Stereo Dock

JVC UX-VJ5 (Images courtesy JVC)
By Andrew Liszewski

Good news everyone! You know that sad feeling when one of your iDevices is docked to a stereo system, while the others lie about unused, lacking a place of their own to dock? Actually no one probably ever has that feeling. And thanks to JVC, no one ever will! Their new UX-VJ5 dock features not one, not one and a half, but two docks allowing you to play multimedia content from an iPad and an iPhone/iPod Touch at the same time! Well, not at the same time, but you can select which source you’d like to play from.

It’s got a couple of 15W speakers which should provide ample sound to fill a room, but there’s also AV out connections if you’d prefer to play your music through a larger setup, or send video from either device to a TV. Tucked away behind where the iPad sits is something JVC refers to as a ‘CD’ player. And the dock is capable of automatically ripping your music stored on this archaic digital media to MP3s, and copy them to an external USB device. The UX-VJ5 will be available in Japan in mid-July for ~$370 (¥30,000) in your choice of six different colors.

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