Just-Eat Eatensil (Image courtesy Pocket-lint)

Just-Eat’s Eatensil Is A Culinary Swiss Army Knife

Just-Eat Eatensil (Image courtesy Pocket-lint)
By Andrew Liszewski

Just-Eat, the website that makes it easy to order food online from local restaurants, apparently wants to take the whole takeout experience to the next level. Citing their own research which found that 74 percent of people in Britain preferred eating fish and chips with a wooden fork, and half felt that noodles from a carton should be consumed with chopsticks, they decided that their customers needed a way to properly enjoy their meals no matter what they ordered. So they created the Eatensil concept which is basically a Swiss Army knife with utensils.

Instead of nail files, screwdrivers and scissors, you’ll find a wooden ‘chip’ fork, a pizza cutter, a set of chopsticks, a bottle opener and of course a knife, fork and spoon. At the moment Just-Eat is testing the waters to see if customers would actually be interested in the monstrosity of a concept, which admittedly is a bit more environmentally friendly than plastic cutlery. But as far as I can see it’s missing one important tool that I often end up using when eating takeout: a Tide to Go stick

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