Jukebox Is A Stylish Addition For The Millionaire iPod Lover

By Jonathan Kimak

There are probably more iPod docks in the world than there are iPods. So the fact that there is another dock on the market isn’t surprising. Yet this one looks rather nice. The Xi jukebox was created specifically for housing the iPod in a full scale 1950’s inspired jukebox.

The jukebox contains the traditional numbered buttons, some nice speakers(Mk7 Twin channel amplifier, 150w per channel, 2 x tweeter 2 x mid range and 1 x 12 twin cone bass speaker), an LCD display screen for viewing the videos on your iPod and a remote control.

Each jukebox is hand built to order and also features LED lights throughout that can be changed depending on your preferences.

The price? Close to $11,000.

[ Xi Jukebox ] VIA [ Born Rich ]

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