Jostens High School Rings For Gamers & Geeks

Jostens High School Ring For Gamers & Geeks (Image courtesy GoNintendo)
By Andrew Liszewski

I don’t care if you were the star quarterback, there’s nothing ‘cool’ about wearing a Jostens ring to commemorate your years spent in high school. So you can imagine what I think of these ‘Geek Pride’ models designed for kids who spent their spare time in front of a gaming console instead of playing sports, or debating, or whatever else high school kids do these days.

[ GoNintendo – Random Time! – Jostens offering new high school ring for gamers ]

4 thoughts on “Jostens High School Rings For Gamers & Geeks”

  1. OMG I disagree, I think I'd love to have had this on my ring. But I don't think Geek is the right term for these. I would say Gamer pride would be more fitting. Geek is kind of a stereotype that can't be captured and shouldn't be used by companies to describe anyone.

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