Johnny Swing, Welding Quarters and Nickels to Make Furniture

If you go to Johnny Swing’s website, you’ll find that he looks somewhat like the quintessential bad-hair-day tortured artist, sitting on a gorgeous sofa made from 6400 welded nickels, smiling the slightly mad grin of a man who knows too much… or much too little.

Whatever is actually going on behind those eyes, this man’s furniture, part of his “Obsession Line” is actually quite nice to behold. It’s entirely made from quarters, or nickels, welded together one by one.

The website I found this on (I really can’t remember where now, sorry) said something about the “quarter chair” fetching something like 10 grand. So, uh, I think we’re talking artwork here, and not quite furniture.

Or, artwork as furniture.

Or vice versa.

Again, the link.

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