The Johammer J1 is a 125-Mile Range Electric Bike

Johammer J1 -

You ain’t seen nothing yet when it comes to electric bikes unless you’ve seen the Johammer J1. One thing that has discouraged a lot of people from going for electric motorcycles is the limited range, when compared to the gas-guzzling variety. You might argue that electric cars like the Tesla have great range for something that runs on electricity, but that’s because the fact that they’re cars means that they’ve got more space for batteries.

The Johammer J1 puts electric bikes back in the running though with its 125-mile range, which is way better than previous numbers. Its sleek and futuristic design and the fact that it looks pretty bad-ass is just icing on the cake.

Johammer J1 -1

Johammer J1 -2


Johammer J1 -3 Johammer J1 -4

Johammer J1 -5

Johammer J1


The Johammer J1 costs more than your average bike though, with prices starting at $31,860.

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