Jet Powered Go-Kart

jet powered go kart

By David Ponce

Last week’s mention of Ron Patrick’s jet powered scooter caused a bit of a stir. Which is why we’re happy to bring you (possibly quite old) news of the Jet Powered Go-Kart. This vehicle, unlike Ron’s project, actually works. What you’ve got is a go-kart with a MK101 Solent Gas Turbine Starter that produces 70bhp and 140.1bft torque. From the designers:

The engine was originally used on the Phantom Fighter aircraft as a self-contained starter unit for the main engines when ground support was not available. It is not designed to operate for more than 40 seconds at any one time, so we had to design elements such as the lubrication, fuel and cooling systems to allow for constant running.

Of course, an article about a functional jet powered go-kart wouldn’t be complete without a video. So, come inside to check it out.

[Jetkart] VIA [TechEBlog]

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