Jerk Balloons are For Jerks

Jerk Balloons are For Jerks

Jerk Balloons

Balloons aren’t just for kids anymore. For example, jerk balloons actually exist, and as the name implies, they’re¬†balloons for jerks.¬†As soon as you read the text printed on each of them, you’ll understand why. They might look like typical colorful balloons from afar, but take a couple more steps closer and you’ll see that what’s printed on them are rude and mean-spirited phrases and messages, like “you are a douchebag” and “I hate you.”

It obviously isn’t a good idea to let a kid hold your jerk balloon while you go to the bathroom or something.

Jerk Balloons2


Jerk Balloons1


The Jerk Balloons are sold in packs of 25, which come with 5 different designs, for $7.

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