Jellio, Model Car Inspired Artwork

jellio drive-in

By David Ponce

As a kid, I think the ultimate gadget was the scale model, at least for me. Probably the endless hours in close proximity to that model glue accounts for at least some of my current retardedness. Still, it’s nice to see a company make a piece of artwork that also happens to be somewhat of a tribute to the toy. Mario Mariscano and Chris Lenox over at Jellio make the “Drive-In”, a 44 inch square, wall piece. In contrast to the now sold-out “Turbo” that featured a 70’s muscle car, the “Drive-In” is inspired by the classic chrome-heavy hot rods of the 50’s.

This being a limited edition, it’s not cheap, at $3,000. However, if you choose to pre-order, you can shave $500 on that price.