Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Uses Bone Conduction, Looks OK

jawbone headsetBy David Ponce

It’s not the first time we show you a Bluetooth headset that features bone conduction technology. The last time however, it looked like a potato tubercule that got painted charcoal. Not something you’d want to be seen coming out of your ear. The Aliph Jawbone however was designed by one Yves Behar, and actually manages to look half decent.

We’ve repeated several times that being seen walking down the street with one of these things stuck to the side of your brain makes you look like a douche (think modern bum bag). But hey, some of you are important, and really do need to be on the phone every waking second. So, you may as well get a headset that looks decent, and works well. The reason the company uses bone conduction is to filter out ambient noise; it picks up your voice through the vibrations in your skull, and not so much from the air coming out your mouth. That way, even walking down the sidewalk in Manhattan rush hour traffic, your peeps will hear you loud and clear.

It’s $120.

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  1. Why the hostility toward headset users? Some of us find it extremely inconvenient to frantically dig our mobiles out of whatever pocket, purse, holster, etc. we lug them in whenever we receive a call. Headsets allow us to readily answer a call with a click of a button. It sounds to me like someone’s a little bitter/jealous/crotchety. Hey you kids! GET OFF THE LAWN!

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