Japan’s Seven Stars Steampunk Train Offers Luxurious Cabins for $11,500

Japan Steampunk Train

If you’re a tourist in Japan, then you have to try riding their bullet trains at least once during your visit. They’re definitely fast, but some might argue that they don’t offer the most comfortable of seats on board. That might be true–until the Seven Stars train came along. It’s a train that’s decked out in steampunk-style exteriors on the outside and luxurious comfort on the inside.

For example, Deluxe Suite A features a spacious 226-square meter room and a five-foot panoramic window that offers a gorgeous view of Kyushu from the rear end of the train. Every one of the cabins is covered in intricate wood decorations and high paneled ceilings.

Seven Star also has a lounge car where passengers can unwind and socialize with others who are on board. The train began operations last October 15th and it’s already booked through until June. Seven Stars is offering a special promo rate of $5,750 per night for a four-day, three-night trip on board. It’s still pretty steep, but it gets steeper next July when the rates go back to their original prices.

VIA [ Dvice ]