Japan Makes Poop-Shaped Mini Flashlights, Westerners Still Scratching Heads

poop-shaped flashlightBy David Ponce

What you’re looking at is apparently a poop-shaped mini flashlight for carrying around with your keys, or cellphones or gadgets in general. Why on Earth would you want to carry around a poop-shaped mini flashlight? It’s a Japan thing, it seems, and we’ll leave it up to the ever fascinating Lisa Katayama (from TokyoMango) to enlighten us in her own words:

It’s a Japanese thing, we love poop jokes.

We love poop so much that we even have names for the different kinds. For example, this one is called a makiguso, which literally means “crap roll.” (Same “maki” that is in sushi rolls, like tekkamaki and futomaki.) It alludes to the spiraling shape that the poop makes as it clumps on top of itself.

Well isn’t that just peachy?


A company called Epoch makes them, and they’re selling them through vending machines in Japan. Yeah, that means you can’t get them this side of the pond.

We’re not particularly sad.

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