Jammin’ Johns Adds Some Class To Your Crapper

Jammin’ Johns Adds Some Class To Your Crapper


By Chris Scott Barr

They call the toilet the throne, yet they always look so boring. If I were a king, I wouldn’t want to sit on some boring white seat all day. No, I’d want something nice and fancy. Granted, these Jammin’ Johns Toilet Seats aren’t quite what I had in mind for a king. Unless maybe we’re talking about Elvis.

These rather unique toilet seats are fashioned to look like either a guitar or a grand piano. So if you need somewhere to sit and get musical inspiration while you’re doing your business, these might be for you. They might not actually help to inspire you, but at least people will know where you came up with that killer riff. $170 is a lot for a toilet seat, so you’d better write a few good songs and sell out to pay for it.

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