Jake Dyson’s Motorlight Wall

Motorlight Wall (Images courtesy Jake Dyson)
By Andrew Liszewski

Turning something as mundane as a vacuum cleaner into an object of techno-lust can be a hard act to follow, but when it comes to the Dysons, it looks like design runs in the family. The Motorlight Wall was created by Jake Dyson, son of James Dyson, the vacuum guy, and it’s a wall mounted light that features an adjustable beam that can be angled between 10 and 120 degrees, creating a wide or narrow shaft depending on your illumination needs. The lights are also remote controlled, and up to 30 of them can be adjusted via a single remote which is handy if you have a series of these installed in a large room.

According to Jake Dyson’s website, the Motorlight Wall was supposed to be available for sale last November for just shy of $400, plus an additional $44 for the remote, but that doesn’t seem to be the case just yet.

[ Jake Dyson Products – Motorlight Wall ] VIA [ designboom ]