Jag Grill BBQ Table Is Awesome


If you don’t think that owning this table will crown you king of the neighbourhood, you better think again. The Jag Grill is an octagonal table with an integrated firepit and dome, and grilling stations at every seat. Throw the heavy meats in the center, while each one of your guests is free to work on his sides to his heart’s content. Adequate airflow means your coals burn hot, while a modular design makes for easier cleaning. Just make sure to strengthen the locks on the door leading to your backyard, as yu may end up with a few more guests than anticipated.

It’s $2,500, although the website seems to be having some troubles at the moment.


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1 thought on “Jag Grill BBQ Table Is Awesome”

  1. That’s a lot of fire to be sitting there leisurely talking and bbq’ing…. not to mention the smoke that will be blowing everyone’s face.

    It will be interesting to see how well this sells and for how long.

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