Accelerator Spinning Chair (Image courtesy Jaanus Osugaar)

Jaanus Osugaar’s Accelerator Spinning Chair

Accelerator Spinning Chair (Image courtesy Jaanus Osugaar)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are three things you absolutely must have before picking up one of Jaanus Osugaar’s unique Accelerator spinning chairs. 1) A strong stomach. 2) Plenty of space in your living room. And 3) A healthy budget for novelty seating. If you can’t already guess from the product shot, including the fact there’s built-in hand straps, the Accelerator chair is designed to spin instead of rock. And we’re not talking spinning as if you were in a barber’s chair. The Accelerator’s offset center design has you spinning like a fallen top, and it will actually take you 6 full rotations to get back to your original sitting position.

The idea behind the chair is to provide a more invigorating experience that energizes and stimulates your mind, unlike a regular rocking chair whose motion is designed to put you to sleep. Is it unique? Most definitely. Is it worth ~$1,700+ (£1,075) plus the cost of an occasional rug cleaning when guests over do it and get sick? Well, that’s your call.

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