IVY External HD With OLED Display


By Evan Ackerman

External HD designs don’t generally excite me. Most of the time, I just want it to store my crap without any additional fluff, you know? But, this USB HD concept from Green Banana does an impressive job of integrating aesthetics with functionality. The drive case contains an OLED screen, which changes depending on the contents of the drive. Each file is represented by a shape proportional to the filesize (and a color related to the file type, perhaps?), and as you add more files, the shapes diversify. Not only does it look pretty cool, but it shows you at a glance how much space is left on your drive, and can even clue you in on what the drive is being used for.


This is only a concept, but if you like the file visualization idea, you can download a free copy of the software that the IVY display is based on here; it’s called SequoiaView.

[ Green Banana ] VIA [ Next Nature ]

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