iTwin USB Device (Image courtesy iTwin)

iTwin USB Adapter Turns Your Own Hard Drive Into Cloud Based Storage

iTwin USB Device (Image courtesy iTwin)
By Andrew Liszewski

The idea of having all of your files available on any internet connected PC is certainly tantalizing, but paying some cloud-based service to store your hundreds of gigabytes worth of digital crap isn’t. So the iTwin USB device basically turns your own PC, and all of its connected storage devices, into a secure cloud-based storage center, without the need for messing with complicated software or settings.

It looks like a double-ended USB flash drive, but instead of storing any files the iTwin breaks apart in the middle and creates a secure (using AES-256 hardware-enabled encryption) online connection between the two computers each end is connected to. Its one-time price of just $99 is cheaper than paying an annual fee to an online cloud-based solution, though you will have to factor in the cost of keeping your home PC powered up and online whenever you want to access files remotely. But admittedly if it works as easy and effortless as they claim, it could be an ideal solution for less tech-savvy road warriors who like their laptop to stay synced up with their computer back at the office.

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  1. It works quite well. And it also has other uses. For example you can use it to share stuff with friends, keep you aunt maggie's family photo album up to date on her PC remotely without having to mail her new pictures or you can just use it to have full access to your work PC (including network drives) from home. It uses the same ports as a browser so most firewall setups are no obstacle. This is very practical and is bound to cause head aches in IT departments once it becomes wide spread. I have had mine for a couple of months and it has proven itself well worth the money.

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