It’s Time To Go Medieval On That Office

By David Ponce

Nothing says “I’ve been shopping at Thinkgeek!” like showing up at the office with a desk catapult. Or trebuchet. We’re not sure. See, the rubber band says catapult, as does the fact that its mechanism relies on it. Also… the name. But that plastic “weight” at the bottom of the swing arm says trebuchet. We’re going to side on catapult though, since a little plastic nubbin would probably not contribute much weight to anything. So yeah… nerdy discussion aside, what you have here is a device capable of throwing spiky foam balls at up to 40ft. That should be far enough to keep you occupied for an afternoon, after which you might have to spend some time explaining to HR why you spent the best part of a day running around the office picking up little foam balls from the floor.

It’s $15.

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