It’s Time For Another Move

By David Ponce

If you’ve been following our server saga, you’ll probably realize this is our second move in less than two months. We went from Dreamhost, to Bluehost, and now we got us a server at Media Temple. Why the move? Well, Bluehost’s decent. It’s fast and rarely goes down. But when you get on Digg, they slap you with a CPU quota that disables your account until the load is manageable. That means tons of lost traffic, and a tarnished image (those idiots with a blog can’t even handle a Digging! FTW!!).

Yeah, sure, we should have expected that on a shared server, bla bla. The sales guy I spoke to before the move should have told me about it all the same. Even when specifically asked if their servers could handle a Digging, or Slashdotting, ever the salesman, he answered “Yes!”. And I, ever the fool, fell for it. The worst part? They don’t even offer dedicated! Yes, there I was (three times over the last month), begging them to let me throw some money at them to make the problem go away, and they turned me down.

So, now we’re moving all our stuff. Again. If you’re reading this post, it’s because the DNS changes have not propagated over the Internets. I’m not pressing the button until Friday night anyway, but I figured I’d tell you now and give you something to talk about: them crazy OhGizmo! dudes and their stupid server problems.

By the way, if anyone has had negative experiences with Media Temple, now would be a good time to tell us.

9 thoughts on “It’s Time For Another Move”

  1. I havent come across these guys before, but I have heard of Bluehost and Dreamhost. Having a dedicated server is a good move as it allows for more control and more growth. I have an interest in servers and decided to go dedicated right off the bat so I could test more things etc… It’s way too much overkill for Gadget Venue at the moment but as it is growing I know that its safe for a while yet and easier for me to grab backups, tweak DNS, install components etc… All good fun! Good luck with the server.

  2. Hi david;

    I also moved to bluehost after reading OhGizmo’s move before. I was having problem with CWIHosting, they were even worse as they simply took my site down, which they claimed that I used trackback that caused too much CPU load on their server and suggested me to use dedicated. My site is a personal one and also is new, of coz traffic is low and it hasn’t helped me monetize yet and I pay for the cost by myself. That was too much askin me to move to a dedicated. After moving to bluehost, I experienced once popped up with an automatic page saying the load has exceeded the allowed level, but the site cam back to normal after few minutes when the load down. To me this is OK, at least bluehost is much better than that simply suspended my site b4 w/o for load hikes. I’ve found those sales will not mention abt the load issue when they wanna get the sales from you. But site like mine having low traffic still pretty OK on a shared, unless I manage to monetize from it later. Anyway, good luck and all the best to OhGizmo!

  3. You’re going to love being able to do whatever you want when you want and not worrying about CPU time. We moved from Dreamhost after they screwed us for over 7 months telling us our dedicated server would be available to us any day now – then after we left in about 4 months they said – hey we can get you one now. Moving from shared hosting is the best thing we’ve ever done. We use and really like it. They also have a shadowdrive that can be swapped out if your main drive fails in less than an hour. You should ask about backups if you haven’t and see what your options are.

  4. I’m the one who takes care of everything for my blog. I download my backup from my cpanel as often as I can 🙂 Since it’s a personal one, I gotta take up every task from web template up to the database and backup 🙂

  5. I went from DreamHost to MediaTemple as well because I was sick of DreamHost’s outages. MediaTemple was good for the first few days but then they had a major outage as well which made me worried so I switched again … I’m now with WebFaction and they have been pretty good so far. They don’t have a grid but I haven’t had seen any downtime on my server (it’s only been 3 months though). Their control panel is very interesting and once I got the hang of it I started having some serious fun with it 🙂


  6. I’d have to say MT pretty much kicks ass. They had some problems at first with mysql in the grid, but it’s worked out now. There are so many options with them and they can handle anything!

  7. I’m on a VPS. And yeah, it does make a huge difference. Being with a VPS is like being in a box, with no room for scaling. Basically my traffic exceeds my resources, I’m screwed. So… I’ll be moving. Again, but this time I’ll try The Grid. Though cheaper, it should technically be better since there’s room to grow. At least, that’s the theory. But this is ridiculous.

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