It’s People! Soylent Heat Is People!

Thermographic Image (Image courtesy LAND Instruments International)By Andrew Liszewski

A new office building being constructed near Stockholm’s Central Station plans to tap the rush of daily commuters as an economical source of heat. It’s estimated that close to 250,000 people pass through the station on a daily basis, and at the moment they all produce quite a bit of heat that can be difficult to dissipate. But instead of just pumping it out the windows, the designers of the nearby office building want to harness all that body heat to warm up water in pipes that will then be pumped over to the new building.

Not only will this plan reduce the heating bills in the new office by about 20 percent, but installing the simple heating system and laying the underground pipes is only expected to cost about $31,200. It might not be a cheap solution for a small house, but it’s a relatively inexpensive one for a hundred million dollar office tower.

[ People power to warm new building in Stockholm ] VIA [ Inhabitat ]