It’s Me(Or You) In 3-D

By Jonathan Kimak

Lord knows there have been many times where I have felt the urge to somehow reach into my monitor and smack the person I’m talking to through their screen. And aside from really smacking someone this webcam is the next best thing(it also won’t get you brought up on assault charges).

The Minoru webcam captures photos and videos in 3-D. It can be used with Internet Messenger programs like Windows Live Messenger. The Minoru uses two lenses to capture your image in 3-D. In order to see the 3-D image though, your chat partner has to wear those dorky blue and red paper glasses.

So while you will see each other in 3-D, you’ll look rather silly. $100 price tag and it comes out in December.

[ Minoru 3D Webcam VIA [ Ubergizmo ]

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