Israeli Army Develops MedEvac Backpack

By David Ponce

The Israeli army knows a thing or two about urban warfare. They’ve been at it, for better or for worse, for the last 60 years or so. And one of the many difficulties in that environment is that when a soldier is down, evacuation can be tricky. Usually it involves another soldier using his arms to carry the downed troop, but that also means that he can’t use his weapon. That’s bad. The Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC), developed by Agilite, is a specially designed harness/backpack that can allow a single person to carry another on his back while keeping the use of his arms. It’s easily deployed in a few seconds and folds into a tiny, easy to carry package.

The best part is that it’s not limited to the military. Perfect for hiking trips or any sort of situation that might require you to carry someone who is injured or incapacitated. And at $80, it’s almost wrong not to bring along with you.

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