iShoes Might Get You iKilled


By Evan Ackerman

In general, I’m a fan of the idea of slapping engines on things that weren’t designed for them. And motorized roller skates sure sound brilliant… The iShoes are slick looking and have some reasonably impressive specs: top speed of 15 mph, hand controller, 5-7 mile range on electric batteries, large wheels for high speed stability, and they only weigh 8 pounds each. But then you see the promo video:

It’s more than just silly looking, I think the only way you could make something less graceful would be to put a few pairs of these on a moose (c’mon, just picture it). I guess it makes sense since these iShoes are only a prototype and not yet ready for market (although they will be), but I’d definitely recommend all kinds of safety equipment and a mastery of the old and busted non-motorized versions before you try out these bad boys at top speed. Oh, and unfortunately, they’re only available in men’s 8-12 and women’s 7-10, and I wear a men’s 13. Damn my giant freak feet, damn them!

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1 thought on “iShoes Might Get You iKilled”

  1. I think the motorized roller blades are by far way better than these ugly clunky looking things. They may use gas, be a little bigger and heavier. BUT they can go up to 40mph or more and go 100 miles on a single tank of gas.

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