Is This The Production Chevy Volt?

Production Chevy Volt? (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

While cars like the McLaren F1 or the Bugatti Veyron will always be in my dreams, back here in reality the Chevy Volt tops the list of vehicles I would actually buy. In fact there’s a lot of excitement over GM’s second attempt at an electric car, which is kind of surprising since hardly anyone outside the company has seen what the production-ready version actually looks like. I guess in this case it really is what’s on the inside that counts. It’s rumored that the General will unveil the official Chevy Volt as part of their 100th anniversary celebrations, but it looks like a few photos might have already been leaked. The car is scheduled to appear in the Transformers sequel (aka Trainwreck 2) and it seems a spy has managed to catch the Volt on video while it was on set.

Chevy Volt Interior? (Image courtesy Motive Magazine)

But the leaks don’t stop there. Motive Magazine was also able to snap a few pics of a display (again, supposedly created for GM’s upcoming Centennial event) showing off the Volt’s snazzy center console. Now I can’t vouch for the accuracy of any of these photos, and even though I usually don’t like posting rumors, this is one reveal I’m definitely excited for.

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