Is This A Shot Of The iRiver Story eBook Reader?

iRiver Story (Image courtesy MobileRead Forums)
By Andrew Liszewski

With a Canadian version of the Kindle still nowhere in sight, I’m now in my second year of trying to find an eBook reader I might be content with. And it looks like I might have yet another contender. A series of photos have been posted to the MobileRead Forums that are claimed to be the rumored iRiver eBook reader called the ‘Story’. It hasn’t officially been announced, but the 6-inch reader will supposedly include a full QWERTY keyboard, SD card slot, comic book viewer, support for PDF, epub, txt, doc files and other popular book formats and will supposedly go on sale as early as September 16th for around $300.

At launch, books and other content will be available to the Story thanks to an affiliation with Kyobo, the largest bookstore chain in Korea, but iRiver is also working on making content available from US, Russian, European and Australian booksellers, which probably means that September 16th launch date won’t include North America.

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