Is There A 7-Day Waiting Period For This Bolt-Action Pen?


Pens are pretty cool, let’s face it. You can write, you draw stuff, you can twirl it in your hands; it’s a real triple-threat. But let’s be honest, clicking a pen is lame. Since the first retractable pen in 1950, the process of clicking a pen has really run its course and people have been basically rioting in the streets, demanding a better option.

That’s where the Bastion Bolt Action Pen comes in. It’s a premium pen that retracts using a mechanism similar to a bolt-action rifle, and it looks awesome. You can just sit there and click your pen all day long like you’re training to be an Army Ranger. It even comes in stainless steel or carbon fiber flavors. And because it’s a premium pen, it’s compatible with a number of refill cartridges.

It’s available on Kickstarter for a base price of $39 for the stainless steel, and plans to ship in January.

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