Is The Halcyon Concept Car The Future?


By David Ponce

We like to talk design here at OhGizmo!, so here’s some for you. The Halcyon car is a concept by designer Ralph Tayler-Webb whose looks and construction methods got our curiosity piqued. Inspired by the tranquility and silence of a glider flight over Dartmoor in south west England, Tayler-Webb embarked on a quest to design a car that would allow you to glide through landscapes rather than drive through them, seeing as the beauty and serenity of nature is often crudely broken by the sound and sight of traffic.

Turning to the owl for ideas, the Halcyon is ultra-lightweight, clean, efficient and eerily silent. It’s powered by an electric motor and it’s constructed from porous aluminum. This material is structurally similar to the bones of the owl and has the added advantage of being extremely light while maintaining sufficient rigidity and adequate sound absorption. In other words, it’s light, strong and creates a very quiet cabin.

Of course, this is only a concept. But could this be the way cars will look in a few years?

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