Is NEVS Going Electric With the Next-Generation Saab 9-3?

Next Saab

So it’s been almost two years since Saab went bankrupt. It’s a huge shame, but the silver lining is that National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) will be releasing a new model under the Saab name in 2014. At least, that’s the plan anyway. A bunch of sketches of purported Saab car designs hit the web recently, and speculations are rife that NEVS might be working to make the next model an electric car.

The image was posted on design firm Yovinn’s website. The featured designs are sleek and classy–typical Saab–and appear to be the same size as the 9-3. It’s crazy how these images have created so much buzz over the auto-blogosphere.

Next Saab1

Neither NEVS nor Yovinn commented on the designs. But for those who are crazy over Saab and have been hoping the brand is revived, this is great news, although there’s not much to worry about if you already own one because there are still tons of Saab parts available online. However, the consortium did reveal last year that they were thinking of releasing a gasoline version of the 9-3 in order to raise funds for the launch of their first electric vehicle. If you follow car news and trends, then you’ll know that electric and hybrid are the directions where many automobile makers are headed lately. It’s a pretty sensible move, actually, and it makes complete sense.

Since making that announcement, NEVS has been silent, though. The only thing left to do is wait and see… At least 2014 is a few months away at this point.

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