Iron Man 2 Suitcase Suit Briefcase

Iron Man 2 Suitcase Suit Briefcase

Iron Man 2 Suitcase Suit Briefcase (Images courtesy Entertainment Earth)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though it was extensively teased in the trailers, seeing Tony Stark don the Ironman suitcase suit was easily the highlight of this Summer’s sequel. And it’s also why this replica is so immensely disappointing. On the outside the elaborately machined brushed aluminum finish and red paint job make it look exactly like the case carried by Stark’s bodyguard in the film, but when you open it up there’s no place to insert your hands to start the ‘dresssing’ sequence. Or anything even close to what Tony’s case could do.

There’s just a few leather pockets in the top for holding boring files, and a laser cut EVA foam bottom with the ‘STARK’ logo. And it’s still $459.99 for one of 1,000 copies from Entertainment Earth, available sometime in December. Now do I think it’s even possible that such a suit could be created with today’s technology for under $500? Absolutely not! But that doesn’t make me any less disappointed.

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