iPWN! iPhone 4 Game Boy Case

iPWN! iPhone 4 Game Boy Case (Images courtesy iPWN!)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re looking to give your iPhone 4 the retro Game Boy look there are countless companies selling vinyl stickers that simply adhere to its smooth glass back. But not everyone is so great at applying decals, and even the tiniest of bubbles can wreck the effect. So as an alternative you might want to consider this snap-on iPhone 4 case from iPWN!. At no point do they refer to it as being an homage to Nintendo’s Game Boy, probably to keep their lawyers at bay, but it’s pretty hard to mistake the look they’re going for.

The thin, plastic case is made using IML or ‘in mold labeling’ technology so that the graphics are protected by 3 different layers preventing them from fading or being damaged by moisture. And they’re just $16.99 each, though at the moment you’ll have to settle for a pre-order as apparently the cases are so popular they’re currently on back order.

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