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iPod Directions (Image courtesy iPod-Directions.com)By Andrew Liszewski

There’s a reason people get tired of hearing iPod news and that’s because 97% of the time it’s about some new case or accessory that only slightly differs from the hundreds of cases and accessories that came before it. The other 3% of the time though it’s something that will grab your attention and usually includes a tantalizing rumor, an official announcement from Apple themselves or some innovative new way to use the device. In my opinion iPod Directions falls into that last 3%.

Developed by Zap Technologies this free online service based on Yahoo Local Maps allows you to create driving instructions from any two locations (as long as they’re in the U.S. or Canada) and export them as an iPod-friendly photo gallery. Of course a photo-capable iPod is required but other than that you simply enter your starting and destination addresses and the site will give you a downloadable zip file cOntaining the instructions and highlighted maps ready for viewing.

I tested this service on my Nano and have to say it’s pretty easy to use, and the directions themselves aren’t that bad either. I will mention that the images and text for the directions were a bit soft but I suspect it was due to iTunes’ image optimization (shrinking) since the original files look like they were created for the larger iPod’s screen.

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