iPhone Periscope For Sneaky Pictures


This is a gadget that allows you to take pictures with your iDevice while you appear to just be looking down at it. It’s so that people don’t notice you’re taking a shot. If used properly, we think it’s a great product. But if you’re being a creep… well, we imagine you’re going to find ways of being a creep with or without some gadgets. See, we’re not exactly sure when it’s ok to be taking pictures of someone without their knowledge; people have become so sensitive to cameras these days. Not to mention, we’re unsure of the legal framework, although people do go around taking pictures all the time without getting sued… So what’s the proper etiquette? Maybe if you do decide to go around taking candid shots, at least ask your subjects afterwards if they’re ok with you keeping the pics? Right?

We’re really not sure which way to go with this stuff, and maybe some of our readers can enlighten us. Regardless of all that, the Periscope Lens is $23 and works with a wide variety of devices by using a sticky metal O-ring and a magnet on the detachable periscope itself.


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