iPhone 4 Speak & Spell Decal (Image courtesy Etsy)

iPhone 4 Speak & Spell Decal

iPhone 4 Speak & Spell Decal (Image courtesy Etsy)
By Andrew Liszewski

One upside to the flat, glass-backed iPhone 4 is that it’s opened up the device to even more customization options. And it’s a good thing I haven’t gotten caught up in this whole iPhone 4 decal trend because I’d probably be applying a new one from Etsy every week. Goodbye retro Sony Walkman, hello retro Speak & Spell!

This design, from Etsy seller blakemedia, turns your iPhone into one of the most awesome electronic kid’s toys of the 80’s. The decal’s also printed on Avery vinyl which features their ‘air egress technology’ which means you’re not going to end up with bubbles after applying it. And while I’m sure this design will be supplanted with something even cooler and even more retro next week, for the time being you can order this one for just $6.99.

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