ioSafe Squadron Disaster Proof Internal Hard Drives

ioSafe Squadron (Image courtesy ioSafe)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like their larger counterparts, ioSafe’s Squadron line of disaster proof hard drives keeps your data safe through all but the worst of calamities. They’re fireproof to 1400° F for up to 15 minutes, but also feature a reflective heat shield that deflects over 98% of the radiant heat from a fire, prolonging the life of the drive. They can also survive being submerged under 5 feet of fresh or salt water for 24 hours. And since the drives feature a considerable amount of additional padding and extra material surrounding them, the company’s ‘Air Flow Cooling’ vent system keeps the drive running at normal temperatures during day-to-day use and can immediately seal shut in the event of an emergency.

But unlike the massive external drives offered by ioSafe, the Squadron drives can actually be installed in a standard drive bay on your desktop PC. The only downside to the extra protection is the Squadron’s price and capacity. The largest SATA version currently available is just 320GB in size, which will cost you $309.99 when they start shipping on May 17.

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