Ion Audio Discover DJ System

Ion Audio Dsicover DJ (Image courtesy Ion Audio)
By Andrew Liszewski

The upcoming DJ Hero game looks like a lot of fun, but unlike Rock Band where you can actually learn to play the drums, no one’s pretending a high score will earn you a DJ’ing career at your local clubs. The Discover DJ system from Ion Audio also isn’t a guaranteed ticket to DJ super stardom, but it looks like a cheaper way to see if you’ve got the mixing and scratchin’ chops before you drop the cash on a couple of real 1200s.

The faux turntables feature a couple of natural-feeling ‘scratch’ wheels (though smaller than the real thing) as well as the mandatory cross-fader, bass & treble dials and pitch controls. It connects to your PC via USB and includes the MixVibes DJ software which allows you to scratch and mix with any song in your iTunes library. Pricing and availability to be announced.

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