Iomega Media Xporter Drive Targeted At Consoles

Iomega Media Xporter (Image courtesy Iomega)By Andrew Liszewski

Besides the improved graphics and unique control mechanisms, the latest generation of video game consoles are the first to really go beyond just being gaming hardware. They now include the ability to play back videos, MP3s and even digital photos to a varying degree, without the need for a PC. And while I’m still not ready to forgive Iomega for the Zip drive fiasco (click, click, click) it seems the company has moved on and is targeting their latest USB hard drive to be used exclusively with your console of choice. (As long as you didn’t choose the Wii.)

As far as I can tell the Media Xporter USB hard drive is just a standard portable hard drive but with a paint job that seems more suited for use with the Xbox 360 rather than the PS3. However the 160GB drive will work with either console allowing you to expand your media library considerably. It also includes the Prism Video Converter MX software for converting files to formats that are supported by your particular console. And by included I mean you have to download it from their site.

You can get the Media Xporter directly from the Iomega website for $113.95 which is actually not a bad price for a compact 2.5 inch, 160GB external drive.

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