IOData Mini Bluetooth Keyboard – Small Form Factor, Gigantic Price

IOData Mini Bluetooth Keyboard (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Last week I brought you a ‘super tiny‘ USB keyboard from Brando, and while there’s no denying it was indeed tiny, it only came with a USB connection making it unusable with most cellphones and PDAs. However, this miniature keyboard from IOData, which is currently on display at the Sharp booth at CEATEC, uses bluetooth instead of a wired connection which theoretically would allow you to use it with any bluetooth equipped device. Sure the keyboard is cramped and all, but it’s considerably less cramped than the thumpbad or on-screen keyboard on your cellphone. And while it might excel when it comes to a tiny form factor, it unfortunately fails miserably when it comes to price, since it’s expected to sell for about $150. (Pass.)

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